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Can I still get alimony in a divorce if there is a prenup?

Before I married 10 years ago I signed a prenuptial agreement stating I wouldn’t seek alimony in a divorce. But my husband has cheated on me and is intending to divorce me and marry someone else. I’ve given my life to take care of him and our children. I am Muslim and would not have chosen to divorce. Since this is his choice and I have no job or way of supporting myself, I believe I am entitled to alimony no matter what was stated in the prenuptial agreement. What are the laws in Texas relating to this and can my husband be required to pay for an attorney to represent me in this divorce?
Published on 03/08/21
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Is it possible to get damages for wrongful child abuse allegation?

Three years ago my son’s teacher reported me to child protective services stating I was physically abusing my son. I had never hurt him and denied it from the beginning. I fully cooperated with the investigation and it was determined that I definitely did not abuse my son. The allegations by the teacher cost me my job and my security clearance. I believe the teacher knew all along that I was not an abuser and made the allegation because of my criticism of her as my son’s teacher which I had reported to the school board. Is it possible to file a lawsuit against her and recover compensation for the damages she caused to me with the wrongful allegation? Could the school system be joined in the lawsuit as her employer if it can be proven that they also knew the allegation was false but continued to employ this teacher?
Published on 03/08/21
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